Zone Alarm

Steps to enable Firewall for ‘OMessenger’ on Zone Alarm
  • 1. Run Zone Alarm.
  • 2. Open the Restore Zone Alarm Pro Control center window click the Programs tab.
    Note: If you have Zone Alarm Security Suite installed, the short-cut menu and options may be different. Choose the most appropriate menu option to open Zone Alarm Program Control center.
  • 3. In the Programs tab, you can see the list of applications which have access to the Internet under the Programs list.
  • 4. In the Norton Internet Security window, click Personal Firewall.
    A. Browse and select the installation path then click the Open button. Now you can see the OMessenger entry in the Programs list.
    B. Select that newly added OMessenger entry in the Programs list.
    C. Click the Trust Level icon for OMessenger then choose Trusted.
    D. Click on each of the question marks under the Access column for OMessenger, then choose Allow. Do the same for the question marks under the Server column.
    E. When full access has been given, all the question marks will be replaced with tick marks under the Access and Server columns.