Steps to enable Firewall for ‘OMessenger’ on Norton
  • 1. Run Norton.
  • 2. Open the Norton Internet Security Center console window and click Personal Firewall.
  • 3. Click the Configure button on the bottom right corner of the window to control the Personal Firewall settings.
  • 4. Click the Programs tab. You can see the list of programs that have been added to Personal Firewall under the Manual Program Control section.
  • 5. To add OMessenger in the Manual Program Control list follow steps below.
    A. Click the Add button under the Manual Program Control list.
    B. Browse to select the installation path and click Open.
    C. In the Program Control Window choose Permit then click OK.
    D. Click OK to close the Norton Firewall configuration window.
    Now you can see the entry of OMessenger under the Manual Program Control list.