Steps to enable Firewall for ‘OMessenger’ on Kaspersky
  • 1. Run Kaspersky.
  • 2. Open the Console window and click the Application Rules to open the Application Rules Window.
  • 3. The Application Rules window lists the Internet Access rules for different applications.
  • 4. To add OMessenger under the Application list, click the ‘New’ button and follow the steps given below.
    A. Choose the option Allow activity of the application according to its type under the heading Action in the Application Rule Window.
    B. Click the allows or blocks link in the Rule Description box to open the Specify Action window. Select the Allow option and click OK.
    C. Click the Specify the application name link in the Rule Description box.
    D. Browse and select the installation path then click the Select button.
    E. The application name will be replaced with the link Specify the application name.
    F. Click the Allow all link in the Rule Description box.
    G. Select the ‘Allow all’ option in the ‘Application type’ dropdown menu.
    H. Now the Allow all option will be replaced with the link Allow all.
    I. Click the Finish button. Now you can see the entry of OMessenger under the Applications list.